Jack Challis

Director: Quinn Matthews
DOP: Shane Fletcher
Editor: Shane Fletcher
Additional Filming: Tom Jennings
Featuring: Jack Challis, Soraya Stuart-Smith

Margaret River, Western Australia
Fall 2017

Pull&Bear: How he began his relationship with surfing-

Jack: My dad used to take me to the beach when I was really young, but at the time I was more interested in playing in the sand. The older I got, the more dad tried to get me out into the ocean surfing, and I've been in love ever since.

Pull&Bear: His best wave and favourite spot to surf-

Jack: In my hometown of Margaret River at Gas Bay with all of my friends.

Pull&Bear: Another occupation or hobby-

Jack: I 'm studying at the University of Western Australia, and besides surfing I love skating and playing music.

Pull&Bear: Some anecdotes, funny facts-

Jack: During a surfing frenzy two years ago I broke 18 boards in 18 months and have only broken one board since.

Pull&Bear: A dream for the future-

Jack: Travel as much as possible, hanging out with old and new friends and surf along the way.