Keegan Gibbs

Director: Quinn Matthews
DOP: Layne Stratton
Editor: Shane Fletcher
Additional Filming: Taylor Curran
Featuring: Keegan Gibbs

Filmed in Los Angeles, California
Fall 2017

Pull&Bear: How he began his relationship with surfing-

Keegan: My relationship with surfing began when I was 8. My dad and uncles would push me on a surfboard into little shore break waves in Mexico.

Pull&Bear: His best wave and favourite spot to surf-

Keegan: Zuma Beach! Or somewhere desolate in a faraway land.

Pull&Bear: Another occupation or hobby-

Keegan: Currently, mountain biking has been very exhilarating.

Pull&Bear: Some anecdotes, funny facts-

Keegan: I have a lot of gold teeth, I like listening to Nina Simone and Black Sabbath and Minor Threat, and I love sunset walks with my wife.

Pull&Bear:  A dream for the future-

Keegan: To live in peace and raise a beautiful and healthy family.