Tia Blanco

Director: Quinn Matthews
DOP: Shane Fletcher
Editor: Shane Fletcher
Featuring: Tia Blanco

Filmed in Patin, Spain
Fall 2017

Pull& Bear: How she began her relationship with surfing-

Tia: I started surfing when I was 3 years old! My dad is in the Coast Guard and loves to surf, so he shared his passion with me . . . Now surfing is my passion!!

Pull& Bear: Her best wave and favourite spot to surf-

Tia: My favorite waves are in Tahiti, because there are so many perfect lefts to surf!

Pull& Bear: Another occupation or hobby-

Tia: I love to cook and do yoga! I have a channel where I share my recipes and yoga videos on YouTube!

Pull& Bear: Some anecdotes, funny facts-

Tia: I used to hate short boarding and love to longboard when I was younger!

Pull& Bear: A dream for the future-

Tia:  I would really like to achieve my dream of qualifying for the WCT!